EZ Intranet Messenger

Release 1.2.27

Hi folks,

Here is an improvement release which tackles some sound source manipulation problems. We have also updated the user manual to bring it in sync with our program.

Please take your time to update your copy, and let us know if there is any issue.

Enjoy! And have a nice labour day long weekend!

MD5 Checksum: 24795fe1ad15ca27dfa3171938c020bf

Release 1.2.26

Hi people,

We are very glad to be able to bring this improvement release out of the door. Our focuses in this release are external sound source settings as well as a more straight forward configuration mechanism.

As usual, we encourage our users to upgrade and give us feedback for any bugfix and improvement.

We'd also appreciate if anyone could verify the translations because we don't have native speakers around for some of the languages.

So, we hope you'll find this release useful! Have a nice day!

MD5 Checksum: fe1dfdbb0ae74d922ba840cc0cb38a30

Release 1.2.25

Hi all,

Today we've made a maintenance release with some minor UI bugfixes. While the bugs themselves are not serious enough to deter any daily operations, they do have a negative impact on our user experience.

We encourage our users to upgrade to this latest release. And we appreciate any feedback from you as always.

Thanks for the reading and have a nice day!

MD5 Checksum: af6ec1e02064aa27a60d717802ef0227

Release 1.2.24

Hi there,

We have received reports saying that EZIM almost always does not cleanly exit on Windows 7. After some investigation, we have discovered that it can be remedied by disabling the shutdown hook, although we don't have a clear explanation why it is so.

Therefore, without further ado, here we present you a quickfix which we hope Windows 7 users will find it useful.

So, enjoy! And please don't forget to give us some feedback to further improve this little tool we all use. ;)

MD5 Checksum: 0850ed6ae107c4356f24def599bcc2aa

Release 1.2.23

Hi people,

This is a bugfix and code maintenance release which addresses a window size restoration problem as well as the multicast problem on Windows 7.

We'd like to ask you to take time and try out this new release since the underlying error handling and exit mechanism has also been rewritten. So we need your feedback!

Happy Halloween!

MD5 Checksum: f16dbf1e9c133135abd471d87896e7ea